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Delivery and payment information

www.miinto.de is owned and operated by Miinto Host ApS, CVR no. 33365322.

Prags Boulevard 49 B1, 2300 Copenhagen S

Email: info@miinto.de

Miinto.de acts only as a middleman and not a seller. It is the cooperation partner, and not miinto.it, that will deliver the products. The cooperation partner is responsible for fulfilling the agreement and is the actual contracting party of the consumer. See the product sheet and the order confirmation for information on the other contracting party.

The displaying of products on the online store is not an offer, but an encouragement to make offers. A binding agreement is only made when you receive an order confirmation.

The terms and conditions of sale and delivery below apply to all deliveries from miinto.de. The terms apply in cases where no other written agreements have been concluded between the purchaser and miinto.de.

Paying for the product

www.miinto.de is open 24 hours a day, which means that you can shop at almost any time. However, we may occasionally take down the site due to maintenance. You can only make purchases when the store is open and accessible.

In order to shop at www.miinto.de you must be 18+ years of age and in possession of a valid payment card accepted by us. If you have not yet turned 18, you can, however, still buy products if you have obtained consent from your guardian or are otherwise legally entitled to make the purchase.

You select the products you want to purchase and put them in the “shopping basket”. Up to the time that you complete your order, you can edit the contents of the shopping basket and you can always check the contents of it and the price of the products.

Any potential extra payments, for example shipping fees, will not be calculated until right before you are ready to pay.

When you are ready to order, click “check out” where you type in your name, address, email, phone number, payment type and choose a shipping method.

You can change the contents of your shopping basket up until the point where you confirm your purchase by accepting it and completing payment. After this, your order is forwarded to the store via www.miinto.de.

The money is only withdrawn from your payment card when the product is shipped from the store.

Gift card codes
Gift card codes issued by miinto.de are valid for 6 months from the date they were issued.

Shipping and postage
Preceding all transactions on miinto.de, the option is given to choose free delivery when ordering items for more than EUR 50. For orders at or below EUR 50, a shipping fee of EUR 2,95 is added.

Receipt for receiving the order and order confirmation

Every time you order a product through miinto.de, we first send a temporary order confirmation indicating that we have received your order. When the store accepts your order, we send an order confirmation to you as a customer and an order to the store that you are buying the product from, which will then subsequently pack your product and ship it to you.

Signing up for news from Miinto


It is free and non-binding to receive news and information on campaigns and trends. You can always choose to stop receiving the communications from Miinto.

By accepting the terms, you give your consent to Miinto being allowed to send you marketing material by email, SMS, MMS and letters concerning:

Products that are marketed and sold directly by Miinto. These products include clothes, handbags, bicycles, etc. in addition to products from other brands that may be marketed in the future.

Special offers, sales, competitions and events from our own and partner stores in addition to other marketing initiatives.

You also give your consent to Miinto to collect, process and register the personal data you have provided and also consent to the data potentially being passed on to other companies in Miinto Group as well as third parties that market the mentioned products on behalf of Miinto. Your membership data is stored with Miinto. The data that is stored with Miinto will also be used for statistical and marketing-related purposes.

You are at any time entitled to gain insight into what data Miinto is processing about you. You can ask to have the data that Miinto has on you corrected, blocked or deleted.

You can also gain information on the identity of those receiving your data and other relevant information about the processing of your data.

You can contact Miinto at info@miinto.com for more information.

You can at any time withdraw your consent by contacting Miinto at info@miinto.com or follow the instructions provided in communications from Miinto.

Additionally, as stated above, Miinto does not share your data with other companies without your consent, unless this is required by legislation or you have asked to receive specific information.

Delivery time and transport
Delivery of items from miinto.de is deemed to have taken place when the customer has received the product. All orders are shipped via DHL Express or UPS unless otherwise agreed upon in a separate agreement between the purchaser and miinto.de. This means that the orders are shipped after no more than 5 days of receiving the order. The stated delivery times are estimates and may therefore be deviated from.


NOTE: Since miinto.de is not a contracting party, all complaints must go through the seller of the product. You can see on your order confirmation who the contracting party is. As another option, you can contact us and we will put you in touch with your contracting party.

Your purchase is covered by the German Sale of Goods Act, including the provisions concerning defects. This means that you can either have a defective product repaired or exchanged or get your money back or a discount, depending on the specific situation.

Of course, it is a requirement that the complaint is legitimate and that the defect has not occurred as a result of wrongful use of the product or other damaging behaviour.

A complaint case is a matter between you and the seller. We will put you in touch with the other party, but we are not responsible for the product’s defects.

You must contact us within “a reasonable amount of time”.

You must submit your complaint within “a reasonable amount of time” after you have discovered the defect on your product. We recommend that you submit a complaint as soon as possible and within 2 months after the defect was discovered.

You can submit a complaint by contacting us on email info@miinto.de

Depending on the specific situation, you will receive instructions on how to proceed.

When you return the product we kindly ask you to describe what the problem is in as much detail as possible.

In the event of a legitimate complaint, we will refund reasonable shipping fees

If the complaint is legitimate, we will of course also refund your reasonable shipping fees involved in returning the product to us. In the event that it is not deemed a legitimate complaint, you must pay all expenses for transport yourself, including our shipping fees for returning the product after examining it, and we are also entitled to charge you a fee of up to EUR 20 for examining the product.

Remember, the product must always be sent in responsible packaging and you must get a receipt for shipment. This is because you yourself are responsible for the package/product(s) until we receive it. Therefore, always keep the shipping receipt, including information on shipping costs and, if relevant, the track and trace number.

Note! We do not receive packages where the shipping fees are to be collected on delivery or the like.

14-day right of cancellation

When you shop online and at Miinto.de you normally have a 14-day right to regret your purchase. Within this period, you can notify us that you regret your purchase and thus return the product to us. It is your contracting party that manages cases involving the right of cancellation. We merely assist by offering to provide a return label.

The right of cancellation period starts on the day that you receive the product. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas day or New Year’s Day, the deadline is extended to the following week day.

After receiving the products, you may only handle them in a manner consistent with determining the type of product, its properties and the way in which they work.

In order to successfully exercise the right of cancellation, you must unambiguously inform us of this no later than 14 days after receiving the product. You can use this standard right of cancellation template www.miinto.de/rma-product if you regret your purchase. Afterwards, you will receive instructions on where to send the product.

Extended returns for holiday season
Orders placed after the 16/11-2020 until the 24/12-2020 can be returned until 15/01-2021. You should always register your return through: www.miinto.de/rma-product

Returning a product

If you regret your purchase, the products must be sent back to the store that originally shipped it.

When returning a product, you must ensure that the products are packed responsible. This is because you yourself are responsible for the package/product(s) until the store receives it. Therefore, save the shipping receipt and the track and trace number.

When using miinto.de’s return label, miinto.de pays for the return of the product or its exchange if you regret your purchase.

Returning is only free, as long as you use the returnlabel provided by miinto.de and the parcel is shipped from the same country as it was delivered to.


We expect that you ship the products as soon as possible after you have notified us that you will exercise your right of cancellation, and you must ship them no later than 14 days after you have regretted your purchase.

Note! We do not receive packages where the shipping fees are to be collected on delivery.

Documentation for your purchase and return form

You must attach a copy of the order confirmation or other documentation for your purchase. It will also expedite the processing if you attach a completed return form which you can fill in and print here www.miinto.de/rma-product.

The state of the product when you return it
You are only liable for any potential deterioration in the product’s value which is due to handling in excess of what is necessary to determine the product’s type, properties and how it works. In other words, you can test the product in the same way that you would if you tested it in a physical store, but you may not actually start using it.

If the product has been used beyond what is described above, we consider it to be used, which means that if you cancel your purchase, you may only be refunded part or none of the purchase sum, depending on the product’s commercial value.


When we have received the product, we will examine it and then you will be refunded the amount that you paid to us when making the purchase. If you regret your purchase, you will be refunded the amount that you paid us. In the event that the product has lost value for which you are liable, this loss of value is deducted from the purchase amount.

If you make use of your right of cancellation, we will refund all payments received from you, including shipping costs (however, not extra costs that may have been added due to your own selection of another type of delivery than the cheapest form of standard delivery that we offer) without undue delays, and in any case, no later than 14 days from the date where we received the notification of your decision to cancel this agreement.

The amount is always transferred to the same means of payment that you used to purchase the product. For example, if you paid by credit card, the purchase amount will be transferred back to the credit card that you used when making the purchase. Missing original packaging may constitute a reduction of the product’s value, so in order to be sure that you can be refunded the full amount, we recommend that the product is returned in its original packaging.

Packages that are not picked up:

If we receive a package that has not been picked up, we reserve the right to charge you for the expenses incurred.

Venue and choice of law

Purchasing products from www.miinto.de is subject to German law. Any dispute is settled by the ordinary German courts.

If you wish to complain about your purchase, you must contact customer service via email info@miinto.de.

You may also use the EU Commission’s online complaints portal. You can find the complaints portal here: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/